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How Your Donation Helps

Your donation will go directly toward helping Partnering for Progress fulfill our mission to ensure access to health care, education, sanitation, clean water and economic opportunities in Kopanga / Giribe.

Your Donations at Work

  • 68 infants graduated from the Power of Milk, our infant nutrition program
  • 26 local Community Health Volunteers were trained in disease prevention
  • 18 villages which previously had NO toilet facilities now have latrines
  • 6 rainwater holding tanks and 2 spring projects provide safe drinking water to over 2,000 people
  • 27 students received scholarships and 6 will graduate from high school this year
  • 350 girls received reusable feminine hygiene kits, helping them remain in school
  • 81 families own a goat through our matching fund program
  • 20 farmers received seeds, fertilizer and mentoring
Kenyan Child With Baby