Who We Are

Board of Directors

President: Cameryn Flynn
Vice President: Amanda Strong
Treasurer: Canada Segura
Secretary: Greg Connolly
Board Member: Traci Anderson
Board Member: Kendra Edlin
Board Member: Amber Frohberg
Board Member: Thomas Holman
Board Member: Gordon Jackson
Board Member: Patti Krafft
Board Member: Stacey Mainer, Co-Founder

Committee Chairs

Auction Committee: Pat Lynass, Chair; Patti Krafft, Co-Chair
Civic Theatre Benefit Committee: Barbara Morkill, Sandy Ivers
Communication Committee: Linda Hagen Miller
Economic Development Committee: Traci Anderson
Education Committee: Cameryn Flynn
Finance Committee: Canada Segura
Fundraising Committee: Annie Luu Gokey, Sandy Ivers
Health Committee: Gabriella Bulman
Water Committee: Jim Ivers

Part-Time Staff

Executive Director: Dia Maurer
Administrative Coordinator: Lee Fowler
Kenya Program Coordinator: Seth Okumu
Kenya Program Assistant Coordinator: Nereah Obura
Kenya Nutrition Assistant: Charles Atha

Board of Directors

Top Row: Gordon Jackson, Amber Frohberg,
Stacey Mainer, Amanda Strong, Kendra Edlin
Bottom Row: Dia Maurer, Patti Krafft, Cameryn Flynn, Canada Segura

Dia Maurer Seth Okumu

Dia Maurer & Seth Okumu