Who We Are

Board of Directors

President: Cameryn Flynn
Vice President: Amanda Strong
Treasurer: Canada Segura
Secretary: Greg Connolly
Board Member: Traci Anderson
Board Member: Kendra Edlin
Board Member: Amber Frohberg
Board Member: Thomas Holman
Board Member: Gordon Jackson
Board Member: Patti Krafft
Board Member: Stacey Mainer, Co-Founder

Committee Chairs

Auction Committee: Pat Lynass, Chair; Patti Krafft, Co-Chair
Civic Theatre Benefit Committee: Barbara Morkill, Sandy Ivers
Communication Committee: Linda Hagen Miller
Economic Development Committee: Traci Anderson
Education Committee: Cameryn Flynn
Finance Committee: Canada Segura
Fundraising Committee: Annie Luu Gokey, Sandy Ivers
Health Committee: Gabriella Bulman
Water Committee: Jim Ivers

Part-Time Staff

Executive Director: Dia Maurer
Administrative Coordinator: Lee Fowler
Kenya Program Coordinator: Seth Okumu
Kenya Program Assistant Coordinator: Nereah Obura
Kenya Nutrition Assistant: Charles Atha

Board of Directors

Top Row: Annie Gokey, Stacey Mainer, Traci Anderson
Bottom Row: Canada Segura, Carla Altepeter, Thomas Holman, Greg Connolly

Board and Numerica meeting

Thomas Holman, Ashley Lenz, Carla Altepeter, Seth Okumu, Annie Gokey, Greg Connolly, Dia Maurer, Cameryn Flynn

Dia Maurer Seth Okumu

Dia Maurer & Seth Okumu