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P4P Farming God’s Way (FGW) farming program is making a difference!

Pastor Pauline Asiga is the wife of farmer Joel Asiga. The family struggled with farming and eventually moved to town, where Joel sought other work. Then the family discovered the FGW techniques taught by P4P.

Read what Pastor Pauline Asiga has to say . . .

“Had I known about FGW before I went to live in town, I would not have gone. I would have remained in the village to work on our farm as Joel went out looking for jobs in town. This is a farming technique that is so easy to do yet it gives so much on a small plot. When people pass by here they keep asking me what I have done on my farm and why I am not doing it on the entire farm. We are currently collecting/preparing mulch for the next season so as to increase our scale of production on FGW.

As a Pastor, I am particularly happy because I can pass this knowledge to my congregation. It is very difficult to pastor a hungry congregation and finally I have a solution for them. My joy is that FGW is implemented using locally available tools and materials, can be done by anyone both old and young, poor or rich.

As a family, we are very grateful to P4P and we keep praying for the organization so that this knowledge is taken to the entire area.”