Into Africa Auction – 2022 Results

Thanks to YOU Into Africa Auction was a SUCCESS!

“If you want to go fast, go alone… if you want to go far, go together” is a well-known African proverb. The small but mighty Into Africa Auction team went very far together on Sept. 30th. Led by long-time board member Patti Krafft, the team included founders Sandy Ivers and Stacey Mainer. Gifted volunteers included Angie Smith, Paddy Carlson and Janet Murphy. Courageous speakers included Mark Kartchner and Byron Gega.

We tried a new venue, a new menu, and kept the same marvelous auctioneer – Rose Backs. Attendees enjoyed the dessert dash and wine tree raffle once again and bid on exciting auction items, both loud and silent. Committees displayed their programs’ highlights and the audience learned about the outstanding work being accomplished in Kopanga. Nereah Obura, P4P Program Coordinator, shared a video where we met a single mum who now has a poultry farm thanks to P4P supporters.

Results From the Auction

This year’s Into Africa Auction raised over $63,000 because of the vision, dedication, creativity, and commitment of this committee… and YOUR generous hearts. The committee would like to thank YOU and everyone who supported the Into Africa Auction.

Kenyan children

Kopanga, Kenya