Virtual Benefit – 2020 Results

Local Celebrities Lend Their Talents

P4P’s customary spring fundraiser, a partnership with the Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of Funny Girl, was cancelled due to COVID-19. Entering uncharted territory, P4P’s Civic Theatre fundraising team created a program built around People Who Need People, (the award-winning Barbara Streisand song from the musical).

The team created a 15-minute video explaining the current COVID-19 crisis impact on our Kenya partners, using photos, music and taped interviews with Nereah Obura, our Kenya Program Coordinator; Gordon Jackson, P4P Board President; and Dia Maurer, P4P Executive Director.

The committee then organized Zoom parties to be held the first two weeks in June to gather supporters and friends for virtual get togethers. During the parties, participants socialized then viewed the video updating them on P4P’s programs and the effect of COVID-19 on our Kenyan partners.

The celebrities who lent a hand and put their talents to use on the video were Julia Sweeney, a Spokane born and raised nationally-known comedian, and Mackenzie Ross, a Spokane singer/songwriter and producer. Julia made a guest appearance and Mackenzie added a recording of her singing People Who Need People.

And the results? One hundred forty-six people participated in zoom parties that ranged from cocktail events to tea parties. Their generous donations amounted to $16,510. Not only did we exceed our fundraising goal, we were also able to bring together dozens of people from across the U.S. who would otherwise not have been able to attend a theater event and learn about P4P’s work in Kenya.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

And we would be sorely remiss if we did not thank the Civic Committee, all of our virtual hosts and our amazing sponsors. We ventured into new and rather terrifying territory with this virtual event, and the steep learning curve caused a few sleepless nights.

Special thanks to Barbara Morkill, committee chair, and Andie Young who created the many-layered video that was the centerpiece of the event. Other committee members were Patti Krafft, Sandy Ivers, Eileen Dugger, Gordon Jackson, Dia Maurer, Lee Fowler and Linda Hagen Miller.

Our virtual hosts took a deep breath and stepped into the new, exciting world of online fundraising. Hearty thanks to: Eileen Dugger, Helen Biggs, Stacey Mainer, Sandy Ivers, Patti Krafft, Linda Hagen Miller, Barbara Morkill, Gordon Jackson, Mark Kartchner, Andie Young, Renee Sande, Megan Hershey, Rosemary Muriungi, Dia Maurer, and Lee Fowler.

Everyone who attended a Zoom party (with the exception of staff, Board members and committee members) was eligible to win a prize in a sweepstakes drawing. P4P had received a grant from Thrivent to assist this fundraising event, and the committee decided the best way to support local restaurants and share the culinary love would be to use the grant to purchase restaurant gift cards for the sweepstakes winners. Virtual high five to these lucky folks: Holly Rolfe, Dr William Dittman, Maury Nollette, and Fred & Colleen Brenize.

We give thanks to the sponsors whose generous gifts directly benefit P4P’s programs in Kenya. You make a world of difference a world away!

Virtual Benefit sponsors