Our Mission

Mission Statement

P4P builds relationships with villages in Kenya’s Kopanga region to help them create flourishing communities by improving their quality of life in the areas most important to them.

Our 2023 Goals

  • Education – increase school attendance with water projects, sanitary towel distribution, and high school and college scholarships.
  • Water – coordinate safe drinking water projects to reduce waterborne illnesses.
  • Health – provide supplements to 30 malnourished infants weekly along with education and cooking instruction for caregivers to reduce child mortality. Also provide educational opportunities for health providers and empower them to become agents of change in their communities.
  • Economic Development – support community-driven solutions to poverty, including agriculture and small business grants.
  • Service Teams – organize medical, education, and engineering volunteer teams to travel to Kopanga to provide on-site treatment, training, education and project development.
  • Collaborate – work with community health providers, school leaders and local water committees for current and future projects.
P4P in Kenya
Mgongo Ribe School
water holding tank

Collaboration, Empowerment & Sustainability

Partnering for Progress is passionately committed to our mission. We work first to understand the needs of the communities we serve through open communication with local, regional and government organizations. By collaborating with those educators, leaders and health care workers and designing culturally relevant, locally supported projects, P4P is a catalyst for change and a tool to break the long-standing cycle of poverty and disease.