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Donate via PayPal or Credit Card

Donate by Check or Credit Card

Make checks payable to Partnering for Progress and mail to: PO Box 28191, Spokane, WA 99228. To donate by credit card please call 509-720-8408. Be sure to note that this is for the poultry project.

How Your Donation Helps

Many families in Kopanga and Giribe own a chicken or two. This small resource provides eggs for the family and perhaps chicks can be hatched, increasing their income and available protein. A survey in 2019 indicates the communities are eager to pursue a more lucrative poultry project.

Up until Covid-19, Partnering for Progress had hoped to start a large poultry farm to produce substantial revenue to support all our programs. This does not seem to be the right time to start such a project as social distancing and masks have been required in Kenya for six months now. Poverty, however, has not taken a time-out.

Partnering for Progress has obtained a generous grant from the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia which will match gifts up to $3,000. Your funds will support small poultry farmers in the start up phase. Farmers will be responsible to build their own chicken coop, attend training and manage the birds on a daily basis. P4P will provide the initial chickens in cooperation with LimAfrica, a regional non-profit that aids small farmers. They have been helping small farmers by providing chicks, vaccines, feed and training. They will also buy back the chickens when full-sized, and eggs if needed.

There will not be as swift a return on investment but we hope more than ten families will earn enough profit to send their children to high school, feed themselves adequately, and save enough to reinvest in their farms. Would you like to be a part of this project? Please give a gift to help a family gain self-sufficiency.

Poultry Project