Naomi’s Story

Otieno Naomi Cherry is 15 and is the fourth born in a family of 6. She is a total orphan who with her siblings, are under the care of her Aunt Hellen.

Aunt Hellen works hard as a farmer to ensure that her own 3 children, along with Naomi and her siblings, can access basic needs and receive an education.

To send Naomi to high school Aunt Hellen was faced with a cost of about $500 – way too much for her to pay on her own given her large family.  You can imagine she was at a loss for what to do.

Thankfully, when Naomi beat all the odds and achieved a remarkable score of 317 on her final primary school exam and received her 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at Giribe primary school, P4P stepped in to help with a scholarship.

Naomi and her Aunt Hellen are both so grateful for the P4P scholarship.  Now Naomi can pursue her dreams at Moi Suba Girls High School. They both say, “THANK YOU!”