P4P Farmer Training is Changing Lives – Enjoy these stories.

Alice Atieno

Alice Atieno is a 56-year-old widow and mother of 10. With two acres of land, she is a peasant farmer. Unfortunately her land does not support her family so she also works in the neighborhoods for additional income.


Life has never been easy for her family. She works tirelessly to earn a meager living. “I have so many expenses to meet, food is scarce and our lives hang in the balance every day.”


This year she enrolled in the P4P training and is practicing what she learned to improve her farm. She has even expanded her farm hoping for an even bigger harvest. Alice told us, “After FGW trainings I am now convinced that if we farm and live God’s Way He will provide abundantly beyond what we could hope or imagine, and truly this will pay off.”


Alice is so grateful for the training and quality inputs, noting that the support has restored hope for her family.

David Mambia

“Today, farming has become complex as compared to early days. I used to harvest more than 30 bags of maize on 4 acres just using manure and local seeds. It’s sad that now, because of poor soil and inputs, I can only harvest less than 15bags.” David Mambia said. 

FGW training was very beneficial for David.  This season, in addition to his regular farm he planted 2 plots using FGW methods.

David told us, “Through the P4P training I gained a lot of knowledge on FGW methods. I came to realize that all the resources are with us to make wealth.  It is only that human beings have walked away from God’s original intention of how to farm, and our crops and our lives suffered.”

David lives in Magongo- ribe village with his family.  He hopes to harvest more this season and improve his income. “Thank you P4P for your support! It made all the difference for me and my family.” he said.