Volunteers in Kenya Visit Demo Plot

P4P Demo Plot Provides Excellent Training Opportunities

Some of our amazing volunteers visited the Kopanga region last month to check on progress and see where we can better help the community.

One of the brightest spots of their Kenyan journey was the P4P Farming God’s Way (FGW) Demo Plot.  FGW is a unique farming method that utilizes composting, mulching and other techniques to preserve water and control weeds.  Both of which are important in rural Kopanga where rainfall can be short. 

P4P Kenya staff developed and are maintaining the P4P Demo Plot to train local villagers in FGW methods that can help them improve their crop yields.  This in turn means they have more food for their families, and can sell the excess at the market, giving them additional income as well.

During their recent trip, P4P volunteers visited all P4P programs, including the Demo Plot. In this picture P4P volunteers Derrik Gratz (second from left) and Garry Morgan (third from left) join P4P staff members Joshua (on left) and Charles (on far right), in touring the Demo Plot.

Derrik and Garry shared that the Demo Plot is amazing and that Joshua – P4P Agriculture Coordinator – has phenomenal knowledge about farming.

People come from all over the area – hearing about the plot by word of mouth.

In addition to training at the plot, starters of plants can be purchased at the FGW demo plot so people can use them at their own farms.

Joshua has a number of model farms that he now sends farmers to – for learning/sharing purposes.