Brian’s Story

Brian Davis is 15 years old and is the first born in a family of 5 children.  Brian lives with his parents in Giribe, a rural village near the mountains. Like many families in rural Kenya, Brian’s parents depend mostly on farming to support their family along with sometimes selling charcoal.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to make ends meet so the odds were stacked against Brian fulfilling his dream of going to high school, despite how hard he was working.

But Brian stayed motivated by the success stories he heard around his community about how P4P scholarships had helped needy students like him.

“I believed in myself and focused on my studies to win a scholarship too. Previously my head teacher Mr. Atha used to encourage the top scorers in my class to work hard for a P4P scholarship.” Brian Davis said. Because of his hard work, smarts and commitment, Brian ended up winning a P4P scholarship, becoming the first child from his immediate or extended family to attend a better secondary school.

“Many thanks to P4P for giving me the opportunity to join Kanyawanga Boys’ High School. What a joy and blessings! I have no words to express how grateful I am,” Davis said.  ASANTE SANA! (Thank you!)