Jackeline’s Story

Fifteen year old Jackeline Vera, is the second born in a family of five. Fortunately, both of her parents are living, but her hopes of joining high school were nearly dashed due to the fact her family cannot afford school fees. You see, Obwato (Jackeline’s father) is a small- scale farmer and the family income is hardly enough to feed the family.

So, Jackeline’s hope for a secondary education was dim, and she was prepared to stay at home to give her parents time to accumulate enough money to pay for the secondary school tuition and fees.

Despite having such a slim chance to go on to secondary school, Jackeline never gave up, worked very hard at her studies, and managed to score 314 on her final Primary School test – a great score. So, with hard work and perseverance she graduated from Primary School and received the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

Then, P4P stepped in with a P4P scholarship and Jackeline is on her way to continuing her education.

“Hard work pays!”, Jackeline says. “Now I have the opportunity to join my dream school, Ogada Girls’ High School, through a Partnering for Progress scholarship! Asante Sana!”