Education Helps Dreams Come True Everywhere

There was excitement all around as Stacey and Sandy met with five of P4P’s newest scholarship students and their parents on Day Two of their recent trip to Kenya.

Like youngsters everywhere the new students have dreams! One girl wants to be a doctor, another a teacher, another a lawyer and another young man also wants to be a doctor.

With their parents, they read the P4P code of conduct and signed the P4P contract. It was amazing to have Rose, a P4P scholarship recipient who graduated from college and is now a P4P intern, encourage the students to work hard, have dreams and to be disciplined.

Why does P4P provide scholarships? Because unfortunately, education in Kenya is not free after primary school. To go on to middle school and high school youngsters and their families must pay for fees, uniforms and more. If they live in a rural area, most must attend boarding school and pay for those room and board costs as well.

It’s expensive, so for many youngsters, education beyond primary school is out of reach, and their dreams might be as well.

P4P assists by providing scholarships for students who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Our Education Committee in Kenya, composed of the headmasters of the primary schools, reviews applications and makes recommendations on the students who should receive a scholarship. Once they are selected for a scholarship, the students and their parents are then asked to agree to P4P’s Code of Conduct. This straightforward document spells out expectations around maintaining attendance, being honest and truthful, demonstrating respect and following school rules, and maintaining good grades. The students and their parents sign they will abide by the Code of Conduct.

P4P provides 20 secondary school scholarships annually, plus an additional 7 for university students. Your support of P4P makes this possible!  Thank you!