P4P Meets with New Kenyan Sub County Minister of Health

Day One of Stacey and Sandy’s visit to Kenya included a meeting with the area’s new Sub County, Minister of Health, Samuel Oketch, along with several of department heads. His refreshing message was one of cooperation, sharing information, and building strong relationships to improve the health of the community.

Mr. Oketch shared great news about the P4P POM program. We are excited to learn that the Ministry of Health is so impressed by P4P’s POM program, they would like to implement it in other regions.

In addition, Mr. Oketch plans to have a nutritionist come monthly to the P4P Power of Milk (POM) meetings and hopes to have the resources to provide a continuing supply of Plumpy Nut/flour for the POM babies. Plumpy Nut is a very nutritious food supplement that P4P provides POM babies weekly.

Mr. Oketch proposed P4P can help efforts by supporting trainings for Community Health Volunteers and helping with childhood immunization outreach. As a welcome and thank you to P4P, Stacey and Sandy were each presented with a typical Masai Mara blanket.

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